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OBSOLUTIONSObsolescence Solutions

Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Nuclear Group business units have provided nuclear plants with thousands of obsolescence solutions OBSOLUTIONS. Our wide range of OBSOLUTIONS offers “the power of choice.” Typical OBSOLUTIONS include:

Just a few of our solutions:

ASME Section III Manufacturing

Nuclear power plants operate today with many critical Section III components manufactured by companies that no longer maintain ASME N-stamp certification. During the first wave of nuclear plant construction in the U.S., more than 1,400 companies held ASME N-stamps, while today there are fewer than 100 certificate holders worldwide. This has become a major contributor to the obsolescence of critical mechanical equipment. All Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Nuclear Group business units maintain either ASME “N” or “NPT” certification. In addition to ensuring a steady supply of our proprietary product designs, we manufacture ASME Section III equipment and parts from other OEMs that no longer maintain certification. Examples include: pumps (Goulds Pumps); valves (Jamesbury, Marotta, Circle Seal, BIF); and airlocks and equipment hatches (W.J. Woolley, Chicago Bridge Iron and Pittsburgh-Des Moines).

Curtiss-Wright Flow Control excels in “build to print” manufacturing of mechanical components requiring ASME Section III certification

Reverse Engineering of Electrical and Mechanical Equipment

Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Nuclear Group has solved the obsolescence problems associated with control instrumentation commonly used in Westinghouse and General Electric plants. Our OBSOLUTIONS platform includes reverse engineering, repair or refurbishment, and re-engineering of obsolete instruments to provide superior performance. Final products are inspected, tested and certified to provide the same form, fit and function as the original equipment.

In addition to replacements for each of these obsolete product series, Curtiss-Wright Flow Control continues to expand the instrumentation family to support emergent utility needs:

  • Rosemount 510DU and 710DU
  • Hagan 7100
  • Foxboro H-Line
  • Bailey 7000
  • GE / MAC
  • Class 1E isolators

Our reverse engineering expertise also includes mechanical components from small and simple to large and complex. Whether it is HCU accumulators, fasteners, gaskets or any other machined components, we can provide either replicate parts or engineered upgrades.

Safety-Related Replacement Parts

Many OEMs have discontinued support of their installed base of safety-related components. Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Nuclear Group has qualified more than 25,000 commercial-grade equivalents with the same form, fit and function as the original part. Our vast array of qualified products covers virtually every plant need, whether the part is large or small; electrical, I&C or mechanical; “one of” or “many of.”


Examples of our qualifications include:

  • circuit breakers
  • transmitters
  • valves
  • actuators
  • battery chargers
  • relays
  • and a host of other product types

In addition to exceptional test facilities, providing this service requires an in-depth understanding of component design attributes, accident function and environmental conditions in order to successfully select and qualify an acceptable replacement. Our environmental qualification capabilities and engineering expertise stems from decades of unsurpassed experience, allowing us to tackle the most challenging applications in a nuclear plant.

Enhanced Equipment Reliability

Components with high maintenance requirements, history of failures and poor reliability coupled with obsolescence issues - place nuclear plants at risk of lost generation and unplanned outages. Although there may be a higher first-time cost, the best long-term solution is to replace these components with superior designs that avert frequent maintenance tasks, enhance plant operations and eliminate obsolescence concerns.

We have used advanced technology designs to solve many chronic problems. Examples include:

Enhanced Equipment Reliability
  • Digital chiller controls
  • Plant-wide computer replacement and software upgrade
  • HydraNut tensioning technology: breakthrough reduction in outage time and worker exposure
  • Advanced valve and actuator designs eliminate recurring maintenance

Design and Applications engineers support these complex projects to ensure the scope of the modification is minimized while maximizing the improvement in equipment reliability.

Engineering, Repair and Field Service

The Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Nuclear Group companies and our valued partners provide a host of engineering, repair and field services to help utilities combat obsolescence problems. Maintenance and repair services greatly extend the useful life of plant equipment and improve its reliability. Our team of skilled craftsmen, subject matter experts, and experienced engineers develop and implement the best solution for each particular application.

Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Nuclear Group has the in-house engineering, equipment and technicians to refurbish mechanical equipment such as containment equipment hatches and personnel airlocks, pumps, actuators and valves, as well as electronic components like: controllers, circuit boards and power supplies. Our facilities, located throughout North America, are able to refurbish ASME Section III, safety-related and commercial-grade equipment in support of critical outage periods. Highly qualified field service supervisors and technicians are available for on-site service of obsolete equipment.

Online Tools and Resources

Several important Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Nuclear Group online tools solve obsolescence problems, including the RAPID parts sharing database. With over six million utility and supplier records, RAPID is the ideal tool for locating surplus parts.

Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Nuclear Group also hosts the Obsolete Item Replacement Database (OIRD) link with direction from the Nuclear Utility Obsolescence Group. Over 50,000 items identified as obsolete have been listed on OIRD, with more than half having solutions posted for sharing by utilities.

A common OBSOLUTION is the substitution of commercial-grade items through dedication. Commercial-Grade Dedication (CGD) often requires extensive testing, and determining those requirements can be an exhaustive process. Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Nuclear Group makes available, and employs, an extensive library of CGD testing requirements.

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