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Inventory of replacement parts
Special Manufacturing Runs
Components and parts manufactured to original drawings and designs
Rebuild / Repair / Refurbish
Repair, rebuild and refurbish
Assistance in validating matches between "donor" and "recipient" components
CGD and equivalency evaluation services
Reverse Engineering
Reverse Engineering and equivalency evaluation services
Design Change
Upgrades and modifcations
Obsolescence Solutions

CannibalizationMatches "donor" to "recipient" components

Cannibalization is a special case of the Rebuild/Repair option where in an emergency the site may obtain the required repair parts by scavenging from another component that is typically not operable. This solution effectively buys time until a long-term solution is found.

Besides depleting the total spare parts inventory without replacing them and introducing configuration control issues, the greatest challenge is establishing whether the sub-tier parts of an assembled component are truly identical. By maintaining detailed Bills of Material for thousands of installed nuclear components, Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Nuclear Group provides assistance in establishing valid matches between the “donor” and “recipient” components.

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