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Components and parts manufactured to original drawings and designs
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Special Manufacturing RunsComponents and parts manufactured to original drawing and designs

Suppliers that no longer manufacture an item sometimes are persuaded to make special manufacturing runs. By purchasing components manufactured to the original drawings and designs, the use of special manufacturing runs may provide the best economic impact, particularly when optimizing the lot size by making life-of-the plant purchases and combining the needs of multiple plants.

Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Nuclear Group has established manufacturing license agreements with critical suppliers that have retired nuclear quality assurance programs. These license agreements enable the purchase of genuine OEM parts with all the necessary qualifications and certifications. Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Nuclear Group has obtained intellectual property rights for various obsolete nuclear products and is also expert at “build to print” manufacturing.

Obsolete Service Water Jamesbury Butterfly Valve Obsolete AMOT thermostatic valve for Emergency Diesel Generator
Pump replacement Charcoal filter for HVAC system


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