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20% of all parts in your plant are obsolete


Obsolescence is one of the gravest issues facing the nuclear power industry today. 

Of the 100,000+ parts a plant typically relies on every day to stay up and running, one in five will be difficult – or impossible – to replace. That’s over 20,000 potential obsolescence issues quietly waiting to be discovered when least expected.

INPO defines Obsolete Equipment as “an item in plant service that is no longer manufactured or is otherwise difficult to procure and qualify.” (INPO NX-11037 Revision 1)



Complexity: Supply Chain, Maintenance, and Engineering

Utilities recognize these seven types of solutions to address their obsolescence issues, ranging in first-time cost, complexity and permanence. Regardless of the type of solution to best meet your needs, Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Company’s Nuclear Group has provided, and will continue to provide nuclear plants with thousands of obsolescence solutions – OBSOLUTIONS.

Why is obsolescence such a grave issue?

Failure of an obsolete part can lead to a number of problems, such as extended outages, loss of revenue, greater operating costs, and potentially compromise personnel safety.

Why have proactive strategies?

Having a proactive strategy in place will help plants avoid having to do costly maintenance and repairs because a part is not available. Planning for the handling of obsolete part replacement will reduce the occurrence of unplanned disruptions in operating procedures.


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